The Four Modules

The Serious Type will release its 4 different modules in phases, which mostly depend on funding & development time.

1) We have just released the Publishing Module first, which will also function as its MVP (Most Viable Product). Sourcing and sharing content are the foundation of the website. Initially, only individuals will be able to submit work, but eventually groups and institutions will be able to submit work as a collective unit.

2) Next, we will release the Forums Module, which is where those who have been published on The Serious Type (aka "The Serious Types") can communicate and connect with one another. The Forums Module will build our community and provide authentic and new learning opportunities for The Serious Types.

3) The next release will include the Rewards Module where students can redeem points for their published work through a Rewards point system, similar to how reward programs for credit card companies function with traditional money. Once a piece of work is submitted and accepted, The Serious Types will earn points, which they can exchange for unique opportunities in the Forums Module.

4) Finally, the Games Module will offer fun and educational games, including pop quizzes and scavenger hunts, where they can also earn Reward points to further engage users and visitors of the site.

We expect these Four Modules to be completed by the end of 2022. The future from there is limitless and depends on the feedback and hopes of all The Serious Types (those whose work has been published). At that point, we will merely be their technicians as they will be running the show.