THE SERIOUS TYPE is a 501c3 nonprofit, a curated online platform for youth (ages 13 to 23) who are serious about their lives and future. OUR MISSION IS TO EMPOWER & EQUIP YOUTH TO CREATE A HAPPIER & HEALTHIER WORLD. The website is a SAFE SPACE for them to share and discuss their ideas, stories, experiences, all forms of art and academic musings with the goal of connecting with one another to turn expression and information into action. There are no likes, comments, or followers displayed anywhere on the site, only the number of views for each submission. It is also a place for educators to share their work in order to provide writing prompts, experiments and ongoing studies for self-motivated and curious students.


We accept ALL content that follows the PAC Guidelines (Polished, Appropriate and Constructive), whether it be fiction, non-fiction or semi-fiction. However, we are especially interested in work that somehow reflects the 3 P's of Sustainability: People (racial/social justice), Planet (science/nature) and Profit (innovation/growth). We believe that when young people can fully express themselves and connect with other like-minded youth, when they can discover and pursue their purpose in life and take action that they are at a decreased risk for depression, anxiety and suicide.


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